22 January 2015

A Sad Announcement

I got some sad news yesterday. My publisher, EgmontUSA, will be closing at the end of the month.

Unfortunately, this means that my new novel, Charmed Deception, will not be coming out this fall. For now, The False Princess will continue to be distributed, though I’m not yet sure about the associated e-short, “A Royal Birthday.”

I’m really sad about this. I was so, so excited to think about sharing Charmed Deception with readers in a few months. I worked really hard on this novel and think it’s something that readers who love The False Princess will embrace.

And I’m doubly sad to be losing the family that I had at EgmontUSA. The people there championed me and my books—especially my editor, Regina Griffin. Seriously, she worked so hard for Charmed Deception—from getting it accepted to helping it become a better novel through tough revising suggestions—and the idea of not having her in my corner is a huge blow.

HOWEVER. I’m keeping my head up and trying to keep from Turbo-brooding. My agent and I are going to start looking for a new home for Charmed Deception right away—we already have some good ideas on this front. And I’m going to keep working on the unrelated novel I’ve been writing.

I want to send out a huge thanks to everyone who has been supportive of The False Princess and of me as an author. I feel certain that this isn’t an end, but just a pause. I’m not someone who accepts change easily, but I’m going to embrace the possibilities that this change can bring.

For now, that involves putting some tea on, opening up a still-officially-untitled book file, and doing the thing I do best: writing.