17 July 2016

Are You Looking for My Blog?

So here’s the deal.

Starting in about 2010, I decided to try to keep a blog. I had plans to keep it fresh and updated, to share book recs and writing thoughts, publishing news and event dates. But over the course six years I discovered that I can do one of two things:

I can write books. Or I can blog.

The important part of that statement is the period in between the two sentences. I tried, and it turns that while I can do one of these things, I can’t do both. (At least, not while I have a full-time day job as well.) So, given that I would rather write new books than blog and that I *think* anyone interested enough in my books to read my blog feels the same way, this is my up-front admission that my blogging is and will be Very Sporadic. I may update here now and again, but it’s not a reliable thing.

That said, I am much more active on my Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts, where I do talk about books I recommend, writing thoughts, publishing news, and event dates. And my garden, my dogs, garage saling, movies, and all things YA. So feel free to come find me there!